Made by hand, with love, in Almonte (Ontario), Canada by Alex Brovkin


Accordion Calendars are a year-long calendar folded into a Japanese-style accordion, designed to fit snugly into the pocket and purse. A calendar can be flipped through month-by-month, or opened-up to plan across multiple months, week-by-week with no breaks or gaps. 

These calendars are made by hand, here in Ottawa; printed with archival inks on 90-lb Strathmore paper, bound on a range of smooth finish covers, and stitched with waxed linen thread. 

As a freelancer, I loved working while I travel, and I tried breaking up my routine with as many short trips as I could afford. Planning trips that spanned weeks and months was really inconvenient with monthly calendars, so I started stitching pages together.

A particularity of these calendars is that they are programmatically generated through code, so calendars can be made for starting from any day of the year.

Your year starts when you decide it does.

Similarly to how the accordion format pushes back on the notion of a distinct “month”, the generated calendars push back on the idea of the notion of the “year”. I strongly believe that pushing back on preconceived notions of time, we take a step towards defining time in our terms, and hence regaining our agency as we move through it.

The calendar was designed using Javascript only, thanks to svg.js and other libraries. The print-ready file is generated—including outlining fonts, splitting pages, and adding crop marks—using Node.js.